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Proof of Concept & Support

The development of a Proof of Concept model can be an invaluable aid in demonstrating how our expertise can satisfy a specific business requirement.

Conducting a pilot project allows an organisation to become comfortable with the experience and suitability of the service provider as well as the software. A successful implementation is as much dependent on the effectiveness of the consultancy as the software, which is why we are confident that you will find this process extremely beneficial.

We recommend the use of pilots during the software selection process, prior to investment in a particular product. These `cut-down? versions of the final application can be built rapidly and at a fraction of the full implementation cost.

We take pride in our ability to rapidly deliver real and visible improvement.We will work with you to test functionality & performance, using your own data, to a level that no standard sales demo can.

We encourage customer involvement in every aspect of development and implementation. Our philosophy is to transfer knowledge as an integral part of implementation, helping you to become progressively independent as you become comfortable with the skills and tools we provide.

We can also provide a support solution to match your requirements:

  • Pre-Defined Support Levels
  • 9-5  or 24/7
  • Agreed SLA’s
  • Monthly Reviews
  • Healthchecks

Tableau Server

Predictive Analytics?