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ADVIZOR frees both business managers and IT staff from the headaches of traditional business intelligence platforms. With ADVIZOR, there are no platforms to purchase, there are no scripts to write, and best of all, there will be no more waiting for answers to your next business questions.

ADVIZOR's visual, multi-dimensional, cross-table analysis provides instant answers to your deepest "What if"? questions. ADVIZOR's patented in-memory-data model enables instant, interactive analysis that is not possible with Excel pivot tables, charting software packages, or other desktop analysis products. And for extra horsepower the Analyst/X powers up with rich mathematical modeling to complement ADVIZOR's visual analysis.

Simply import your data with a friendly wizard. Bring in whatever you have - one Excel spreadsheet, or 60 Oracle tables, or a mix from various sources - and through your choice of 15 different charts including scatter plot graphs, bar charts, pie charts, and datasheets, ADVIZOR helps you understand relationships, make connections and get answers.

With ADVIZOR you will truly experience the freedom to ask your business data the questions only you would think of asking. On the fly, with the click of a mouse, you can ask the questions that draw out the significance of your business data.

ADVIZOR is easy to install, easy to use and connects to most common data source

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ADVIZOR Analyst - Analyst is a Microsoft .NET client-based solution that enables business users to visually analyze desktop and enterprise data, create dashboards that can be shared with other ADVIZOR Analyst users, publish dashboards to ADVIZOR Desktop Navigator (client-based) and ADVIZOR Server AE (thin web-based) deployment, and export findings to Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF products. The Analyst contains the full suite of interactive ADVIZOR Charts with Visual Discovery™. It is ideal for performing interactive analysis on all types of business data to drive fact-based decision making, and loads data directly from Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, EMC Greenplum, Excel, Access, SalesForce, text files, and ODBC.

ADVIZOR Analyst/X - Analyst/X includes all of the features of the ADVIZOR Analyst plus additional descriptive and predictive analytics, including key field/variable analytics, missing values calculations, and target value prediction.



- Server AE enables Microsoft IIS server-based deployment of pre-built analytical dashboards to large groups of users via the Internet. End-user interaction is through browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc) or iPad tablets. This deployment option is truly zero footprint and users retain all of the interactivity that is central to ADVIZOR Visual Discovery, including: color, selection, filtering, state selection saving and results export. ADVIZOR Server AE users are not able to create or modify dashboards. Production Dashboards are generally set up for periodic (often daily) data refresh. Requires ADVIZOR Analyst or Analyst/X as its dashboard creation source.

ADVIZOR Desktop Navigator - Desktop Navigator is a Microsoft .NET client runtime version of the ADVIZOR Analyst that enables other clients to view and interact with dashboards that were created by ADVIZOR Analyst or Analyst/X. The Navigator is particularly appropriate in situations where client side "guided analysis" is desired without the ability to create or modify dashboards. The Navigator is also ideal for the disconnected viewing and analysis of ADVIZOR Server AE dashboards. Requires ADVIZOR Analyst or Analyst/X to provide the dashboards.

ADVIZOR Managed Hosting - Managed Hosting is a cloud-based solution offering all the functionality of Server AE through a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This solution provides all of the technology infrastructure and software services needed to quickly make ADVIZOR visual data discovery projects accessible anywhere and anytime. The technical infrastructure leverages industry leading technology and is supported by ADVIZOR’s proven expertise with in-memory-data-management. ADVIZOR Managed Hosting also fosters collaborative activities associated with the discovery and analysis process through built-inLow Pricepoints for Individual Analysis

ADVIZOR Analyst Office - Ideal for performing interactive analysis on all types of data to drive fact-based decision making. Intended for individual users importing and analyzing data from Microsoft Excel, Access and SalesForce.com.

ADVIZOR Analyst/X Office - includes all of the features of the ADVIZOR Analyst Office plus additional descriptive and predictive analytics, including key field/variable analytics, missing values calculations, and target value prediction.

For SalesForce.com

SalesAdvizor™ - "No Effort" Analysis and reporting. Instantly view your SalesForce sales pipeline and quickly drill in on one dimension or many. Stop creating complex reports in Excel. Stop worrying about the right query or report. Just sweep your mouse over what you want and see the answer - instantly.


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