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ADVIZOR In Marketing
ADVIZORģ Solutions advanced reporting and analysis software enables sales and marketing professionals to make better and faster fact-based decisions. Powered by patented Visual Discoveryô technology, ADVIZOR is world-class in empowering people to display, interact with and understand their data.

Powerful Reporting and Analysis Capabilities for Enterprise Marketers
ADVIZOR enables marketing analysts and business users to understand and profit from key business data by going beyond traditional text, table and graphical data representations. This allows greater numbers of people to quickly make accurate and informed decisions. ADVIZOR supports the Global 2000 with key business initiatives in important sales and marketing functional areas such as:

Marketing Performance

  • Campaign analysis
  • Product portfolio analysis
  • Sales planning and reporting
  • Customer demographics satisfaction analysis and segmentation
  • Resource allocation analysis

 Market Analysis

  • Market research analysis
  • Customer service analysis
  • Customer survey and satisfaction analysis
  • Customer value and profitability 

Sales Force Performance

  • Sales discount analysis and planning
  • Sales discount analysis
  •  Region and channel profitability
ADVIZOR provides information in clear displays with dynamic interaction so that sales and marketing professionals quickly get fact-based answers to their business questions. sales1

Marketing Performance

Campaign Analysis
A key to developing successful promotions is to understand the impact of campaigns on units sold across regions and channels. Detailed comparative performance by dimensions such as SKU/product and store location is simple with ADVIZOR Visuals that can be animated to enhance patterns of change over time.

Product Portfolio Analysis and Planning
ADVIZOR is ideal for working with multidimensional associations that are difficult to see and work with in traditional output formats.


Customer Demographics and Segmentation
Often a superset of market research combined with CRM/transaction data, these datasets are highly multidimensional and require human exploration to discern what is impacting behavior and profits.  ADVIZOR is ideal for identifying segments of common behavior, outliers and the descriptive factors behind them.

Resource Allocation Analysis
Marketing organizations are increasingly under fire to invest their resources wisely. ADVIZOR enables managers and analysts to understand where to invest. Invaluable insights can be derived such as identifying clusters of customers that respond best to a given campaign, spotting products that are oftenpurchased together in a market basket and reporting the cost per lead by media type.

Market Analysis

Market Research Analysis
The goal of market research is to explore and correlate findings, driving toward segments and causal factors. ADVIZOR creates intuitive, visual dashboards that lead to greater insight and communication than traditional crosstabs and reports.

Customer Service Analysis
ADVIZORís ability to quickly identify clusters of concern is important for sales, marketing and customer service professionals.


Customer Survey and Satisfaction Analysis
Surveys are an important means to gather focus group input, gauge demand and measure loyalty. Large volumes of captured data can be visually analyzed through ADVIZORís powerful color, selection and filtering capabilities.

Customer Value and Profitability
The ability to identify and target high-value customers is essential to increase marketing return on investment. ADVIZOR enables this in a simple, intuitive manner.

Sales Force Performance

Sales Planning and Reporting
Rapidly changing sales landscapes are often difficult to analyze across complex dimensions such as regions and products. ADVIZOR enables sales managers and finance analysts to identify best practices, issues that require attention, top performing teams and partners, and a multitude of related facts in the underlying data.

Sales Discount Analysis
Unique ADVIZOR Visuals such as the multiscape enable sales and marketing managers to quickly identify discount patterns across product lines and regions. ADVIZOR allows knowledge workers to quickly identify patterns, link to transaction information and make fact-based decisions that affect profits, pricing and overall competitive position.

Region and Channel Profitability
ADVIZOR enables analysts to quickly understand which sales reps, channel partners, products and regions are contributing the most to the bottom line. Companies have traditionally focused on top line performance because profitability analysis can be extremely difficult without business visualization technology.

Transform Decision-making with Visual Discovery
Visual Discovery is the core patented technology that drives ADVIZORís unique display, interaction and authoring capabilities. Leveraging an extensive algorithmic underpinning, business people are able to explore and understand their business data.


With ADVIZOR, the visual display becomes the window to understanding, which leads to better business decision-making and improved performance

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Fundraiser Solution Details

General Management
    Staff Performance
    Campaign Analysis
    Ad Hoc Reporting & Analysis
Leadership Giving
    Prospect Identification
    Prospect Management
Annual Giving
    Appeal/Email Targeting
    Volunteer Management
    Call Center Effectiveness
Member/Alumni Relations
    Events, Trips, and Clubs