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ADVIZOR® Solutions advanced reporting and analysis software enables retailers to make better and faster fact-based decisions from their retail data. Powered by patented Visual Discovery™ technology, ADVIZOR is world-class in empowering people to display, interact with and understand their data.

Powerful Enterprise-wide Interaction for Retailers
ADVIZOR enables analysts and end-users throughout a retail organization to understand and profit from key business data by going beyond traditional text, table and graphical data representations. This allows greater numbers of people to quickly make accurate and informed decisions. ADVIZOR supports Global 2000 retailers with key business problems in important functional areas such as:

  • Promotional analysis
  • Financial analysis and planning
  • Product portfolio analysis and planning
  • Credit and transaction risk analysis
  • Market research analysis
  • Credit analysis
  • Customer analysis and segmentation
  • Store profitability and fraud detection
  • Human resources
  • Store audits
  • Warehouse and supply chain logistics
ADVIZOR provides information in clear displays with dynamic interaction so that managers quickly get fact-based answers to business questions.

Sales and Marketing

Promotion Analysis
A key to developing and executing promotions is to understand the timing and impact on products sold in specific locations and channels. Detailed comparative performance by dimensions such as SKU/product and store location is simple with ADVIZOR Visuals that can be animated to enhance patterns of change over time.

Product Portfolio Analysis / Planning
ADVIZOR is ideal for working with multidimensional associations that are difficult to see and work with in traditional output formats.

Market Research Analysis
The goal of market research is to explore and correlate findings, driving toward segments and causal factors. ADVIZOR creates intuitive, visual dashboards that lead to greater insight and management communication than typical crosstabs and reports.

Customer Analysis and Segmentation
Often a superset of market research combined with CRM/transaction data, these datasets are highly multidimensional and require human exploration to discern what is impacting behavior and profits. ADVIZOR is ideal for identifying segments of common behavior, outliers and the descriptive factors behind them.

Finance and Administration

Human Resources
Contrasting the behavior of 100,000 people to understand what drives good performance, identifying where labor shortages are expected and planning for the future requires the ability to explore and analyze highly multidimensional data. Findings are often shared with managers and executives who are not trained in data mining and query techniques. ADVIZOR’s visual approach to the display and analysis of business data is ideal for this purpose.


Financial Analysis and Planning
Significant value can be realized by understanding financial trends over time from summary-to-detail levels. Understanding the reasons that top grossing stores in a region are performing vs.
others is hard to determine from basic financial reports. This level of analysis is dramatically improved with ADVIZOR.

Credit and Transaction Risk Analysis
For large format stores, understanding patterns of consumer credit risk is an important key to profitability. Visual analysis with ADVIZOR transforms this decision making process.


Store Profitability and Fraud Detection
Since store-level loss trends are increasing industry-wide, the payback for improvement is very large. A key technique for finding “leakage” is outlier identification – with the ability to see transactions over time across stores in a detailed fashion.

Store Audits
ADVIZOR enables store auditors to be more productive by identifying anomalies and transforming data into useful information. ADVIZOR Charts™ and dashboards can illustrate millions of transactions on a screen, with the ability to highlight outliers and patterns of behavior through color, selection and filtering.

Warehouse and Supply Chain Logistics
Optimization requires identifying best practices across a distributed infrastructure. Key to this is the ability to scan a large number of process steps to identify which entities are performing “above the band” vs. “below the band” on key steps. Above-band performers can be identified and best practices can be communicated.

Network Intrusion and Security
The key to minimizing network and system intrusion is to quickly spot patterns of unusual behavior across millions of events, and to then explore the underlying data. ADVIZOR was designed, originally at Lucent/Bell Labs, for this purpose.

Transform Decision-making with Visual Discovery
Visual Discovery is the core patented technology that drives ADVIZOR’s unique display, interaction and authoring capabilities. Leveraging an extensive algorithmic underpinning, business people are able to explore and understand their business data. ADVIZOR’s unique display & interaction capabilities address key retailer needs:

  • End-users want to interact with their data as they are looking at it – they do not want to use other tools, understand database structures or wait long for results.
  • End-users want to explore their data – especially when there are not pre-defined paths to answer their questions.


With ADVIZOR, the visual display becomes the window to understanding, which leads to better business decision-making and improved value.

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