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ADVIZOR In Manufacturing
ADVIZOR Solutions® visual discovery™ software enables people to make better and faster fact-based decisions from their business data without relying on others to prepare or interpret the results. Powered by patented data visualization, leading edge predictive analytics, and in-memory-data-management technology, ADVIZOR is world-class in empowering people to display, analyze, andshare their business information.

Proven Benefits for Manufacturing
ADVIZOR is in use today with a wide range of people in Manufacturing who have been frustrated by their inability to get timely access to the information they need to make key decisions. Planners and Analysts, Floor Managers and Supervisors, Heads of Sales & Marketing, Product Management Directors, and General Management have all found the freedom to quickly get answers to questions that had been previously bottlenecked by overloaded IT staff, or for which information was simply not available. ADVIZOR supports the Manufacturing sector in a number of key areas:

  • Shop Floor Performance
  • Scheduling
  • Production Planning
  • Customer Insight
  • Product Management
  • Market Research
  • Human Resources
  • Administration

"Before ADVIZOR we were responding to events on the floor. We could not easily look at trends and statistics to determine what was causing good and poor performance. Reports were limited and it was impossible to conduct comparative analyses with any degree of speed, sophistication or flexibility! We needed to change the whole process in order to continue to lead our industry.”
Matt Delawder, VP of Fastener Sorting, SWD Inc., Chicago.

ADVIZOR provides information in clear displays with dynamic interaction so that managers quickly get fact-based answers to their key questions.


Shop Floor Performance
Manufacturing firms need to better leverage the information in their operational systems to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their shop floors. Today much information is available, but it is often presented in rolled-up and/or summarized form, and cannot be easily dissected by those managing the floor. The result is two fold:

1. Suboptimal decision making
2. Delays and excess IT work to produce additional reports upon request.

ADVIZOR provides an “information democracy” to floor managers and management enablling them to answer key questions on their own, and make the adjustments necessary to optimize their efficiency and yield. ADVIZOR provides highly intuitive display and interaction that facilitates easy answers to questions such as:

  • Which machines are performing the best and under what circumstances?
  • Which operators are performing the best and why?
  • What categorizes my most productive versus non-productive jobs?
  • Which tooling sets are performing well and why?

Getting the right product on the right machine at the right time can make or break a manufacturer. ADVIZOR is an ideal tool for examining the multiple dimensions of the scheduling problem. Unlike hard to read,complicated reports, ADVIZOR’s visualization quickly highlights what matters most and allows people to prioritize effectively and efficiently across all the variables.

Production Planning
Production planning is a balancing act between a whole range of conflicting interests and pressures. ADVIZOR enables factory management to quickly scan across a wide range of dimensions to optimize their floor.

Sales and Marketing

Customer Insight
Understanding customer behavior is critical to success. ADVIZOR is ideal for identifying the best customers and their purchase habits and trends. Critical understanding about which customers are responding to which promotions and with what actions is easily culled out. Unprofitable and declining customers are also readily identified, as well as the cause of the falloff. Sales forecasting and pipeline analysis to identify key prospects is also core to our value proposition. ADVIZOR readily connects to most common databases and sales analysis systems.

Product Management
ADVIZOR is ideal for working with portfolios of products in order to understand the tradeoffs in price, performance, cost, promotion, and sell through. This type of multi-dimensional analysis is often done in Excel Pivot Tables, a format that is difficult to use, has limited scale, and a is poor format to show results and desired actions to management.

Market Research
The goal of market research is to explore and correlate findings, driving towards segments and causal factors. Typical “cross-tabs” are cumbersome and difficult to work with. ADVIZOR creates a visual dashboard that is highly intuitive, faster, and easier to work with. Communication and decision making are greatly accelerated.

Management & Administration
ADVIZOR is ideal for a variety of other applications in manufacturing including human resources and staff planning, and general administration and planning.

Transform Decision-making with Visual Discovery
ADVIZOR® Visual Discovery™ software enables people to make better and faster fact-based decisions. Built on patented data visualization and in-memory-data-management software developed in Bell Labs, and powerful predictive analytics from KXEN, ADVIZOR is world-class in empowering people to display, analyze and share their critical information.


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General Management
    Staff Performance
    Campaign Analysis
    Ad Hoc Reporting & Analysis
Leadership Giving
    Prospect Identification
    Prospect Management
Annual Giving
    Appeal/Email Targeting
    Volunteer Management
    Call Center Effectiveness
Member/Alumni Relations
    Events, Trips, and Clubs