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Success is defined by the projects, training, software solutions delivered to customers. We are fortunate to work with two premier BI vendors who have delivered successful outcomes across  different functional areas, across a wide range of leading international businesses, within sectors including retail, financial services, fast moving consumer goods, media and management consultancy.

Visokio Omniscope has been in use in many blue-chip organisations across the globe for over 4 years. Some of the organisations have licensed up to 250 Desktops and Servers, with countless free Viewers. Omniscope is used differently in almost every client organisation.

ADVIZOR has over 5,000 departmental  / enterprise customers on a global basis, and many  more individual end-users within each of those customers.  ADVIZOR customers come from a variety of industries and solve a variety of business problems.  The common theme is the ability for business people to quickly and easily analyze their data to discovery insights and make better decisions.  

A partial list of our partner's clients worldwide is below:

Advizor Clients

Visokio Omniscope clients

Tableau Server

Predictive Analytics?