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Omniscope Desktop

Bundles two workspaces for end-to-end data management:

  • DataManager:For data extraction, merging, transformation and delivery
  • DataExplorer:For data discovery & analysis, reporting and dashboarding

Users can quickly connect to local or online data sources, create an interactive report, then send a file that recipients can open and interact with in the free Omniscope Viewer.Every Omniscope user becomes an independent data integrator, analyst and publisher with just a Windows or Mac laptop.

  • No development or server deployment required, all features available on your desktop    
  • Hybrid experience combining offline functionality with web-based apps/services in embedded browsers   
  • Mouse driven interface and familiar file-based paradigm means short learning curve   
  • Client-side in-memory for instantly interactive point-and-click data visualisations and what-if modelling    
  • Convergence of three dimensions: structural (graphs, charts), spatial (maps, networks) & visual (images, video)   
  • Secure data publishing: options for time limits, server authentication, domain locking, walled gardens 
  • Server automation available for real-time 24/7 reporting (scheduled, on-demand, push/pull)

DataManager workspace

Operations for cleaning, joining, pivoting, aggregating and filtering data sources by connecting operations blocks in an easily auditable tree. Operations can be dropped in at any stage and edited by opening the block and clicking on options.  Outputs in formats including files (as for sources), database tables, emails, printing, PDF, PPT. Multiple outputs can be scheduled as Batch reports using Omniscope Server. One click loading of prepared data into Omniscope DataExplorer workspace.  

DataExplorer workspace

Visual power for reporting/analysis/dashboarding with minimal training: 16 interactive data views, functions/formulae/variables, interactive maps, multimedia. All views can be configured using buttons and dropdown menus in the toolbars - no development needed. Convergence of desktop with web combining local in-memory visualisation with web apps in embedded browsers. Combines structural views (graphs, bars, etc.) with spatial (maps, floorplans) and visual (images, video). Security options including data locking, passwords & walled gardens.

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