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Visokio is a company founded in 2002, headquartered at London, United Kingdom. They are the developers of Omniscope, an innovative data management, integration, visualisation, analysis and publishing application that breaks new ground in power and accessibility. 

The world's top banks, hedge funds and financial publishers are using Omniscope for:

  • Asset management
  • Portfolio trading
  • Risk management

Major retailers and consumer goods companies are leveraging Omniscope to improve performance:

  • Category management
  • POS reporting
  • Out-of-stock analysis
  • Promotion analysis

In summary, adding Omniscope to the BI application portfolio makes a major across-the board contribution at very low risk and cost to advancing the BI agenda in almost any organisation, from the smallest who lack relational databases/EDWs to the largest, where central infrastructures need to be complimented with next-generation agile and end-user-empowering visual tools that are nonetheless compliant with best practises.

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