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ADVIZOR's Visual Discovery™ software is built upon strong data visualization tools technology spun out of a distinguished research heritage at Bell Labs that spans nearly two decades and produced over 20 patents. Formed in 2003, ADVIZOR has succeeded in combining its world-leading data visualization and in-memory-data-management expertise with extensive usability knowledge and cutting-edge predictive analytics to produce an easy to use, point and click product suite for business analysis.

ADVIZOR Solutions® is today's leading provider of easy-to-use business analysis software. From the desktop to the enterprise, business managers and analysts can easily create and deploy analysis dashboards within minutes - and all they need is a mouse!

ADVIZOR frees both business managers and IT staff from the headaches of traditional business intelligence platforms. With ADVIZOR, there are no platforms to purchase, there are no scripts to write, and best of all, there will be no more waiting for answers to your next business questions.

ADVIZOR's visual, multi-dimensional, cross-table analysis provides instant answers to your deepest "What if" questions. ADVIZOR's patented in-memory-data model enables instant, interactive analysis that is not possible with Excel pivot tables, charting software packages, or other desktop analysis products. And for extra horsepower the Analyst/X powers up with rich mathematical modeling to complement ADVIZOR's visual analysis.

Simply import your data with a friendly wizard. Bring in whatever you have - one Excel spreadsheet, or 60 Oracle tables, or a mix from various sources - and through your choice of 15 different charts including scatter plot graphs, bar charts, pie charts, and datasheets, ADVIZOR helps you understand relationships, make connections and get answers.

With ADVIZOR you will truly experience the freedom to ask your business data the questions only you would think of asking. On the fly, with the click of a mouse, you can ask the questions that draw out the significance of your business data.

ADVIZOR is easy to install, easy to use and connects to most common data sources.

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